Brilliant media planning is what we do!

Or, what we do is leverage the best forms of traditional media alongside the most rational and direct hitting digital/online strategies – within available budgets, supported by research, owner’s experience and our experience working with hundreds of retailers and thousands of campaigns. “Brilliant” is easier to say though.

Media planTango helps furniture retailers, big and small, navigate uncertain advertising waters. Capitalize on our decades of combined experience in advertising for furniture retailers.  Tango has in-house analysts who’ve worked in advertising research, placement and sales. Let us build a customized, comprehensive advertising strategy for your furniture store and eliminate seat-of-the-pants marketing mishaps. Plus, find out what your advertising reps don’t want you to know.

Asking yourself…

How many commercials should I run?

What time of day?

What networks?

How should I be advertising for the upcoming holiday weekend?

Should I run and email campaign? A direct mail campaign? Both?

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