In-Store Music and Messaging from Tango Multimedia

Keep your customers coming back and spending more with music they love and messages they need. Good in-store music keeps people shopping longer. Custom-produced, over-head, in-store messaging increases shopper interest and encourages purchases. Tango’s in-store music solution includes monthly custom-produced messages interspersed throughout contemporary, any-style channels of music. Choosing good background music supported by a robust background music player guarantees the best customer experience. And the Tango player continues to play even if your internet connection goes down, plus it won’t hog your internet bandwidth like countless music streaming services.

BONUS: On-hold music and custom messaging included for the first year – FREE


Top business brands choose Tango for their background music system. Studies have found:

90% of customers are more likely to recommend a store that plays music

75% of shoppers say they feel more relaxed in retail stores that play music

60% of customers spend more time shopping in stores that play music that they like

If done well, in store music alone can increase sales by close to 20%. Then custom messaging from Tango increases add-on sales, informs customers of promotions, and furthers the efforts of your salespeople.

On-boarding setup: $299/store (multi-store discount packages available by quote)


  • TangoPhonic device that plugs into your existing audio receiver
  • TangoPhonic device set-up
  • Shipping & Handling
  • Six custom audio messages from a professional voice talent

Monthly subscription $299/month (multi-store discount packages available by quote)


  • Remote content management and scheduling by Tango Multimedia. That’s right – and end-to-end, easy solution
  • Fresh, new content monthly (up to four custom, professionally-voiced commercials to match your store promotions)
  • 36 channels of major-label music
  • All music licenses and fees
  • Technical support by phone
  • Device software updates
  • Dedicated In-store Media Account Manager
  • Risk-free – cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice

Tango’s remote managed and hosted solution is easy to install, use and includes custom message scripting and production. Ensure the store brand is supported by purposefully selected and, importantly, licensed music. Leverage Tango custom recorded audio messaging to communicate incentives and offers, while supporting the organizational “attitude, tone and style”. Ensure customer on-hold experiences are also consistent, support the store brand, introduce store services, incentives and include cool, fun to listen to music.

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