Target your ads directly to shoppers who’ve been inside your competitors’ furniture stores.

Most furniture store Closing Ratios are 25-30%. That means 70-75% of shoppers who’ve entered your competitors’ store are still in the market to buy, and they’re looking right now. Let’s show them your ad.

Tango Multimedia Geo-Fence/Geo-Frame Tactics include

  1. ShopperConquest.  Fence & frame the exact building dimensions of competitors and then deliver advertising to the mobile devices of shoppers in-market shopping right now and for up to 30 days
  2. StreetCapture.  Fence & frame the street intersection in front of sign walkers.  People drive by and do see the sign walker.  Some then immediately stop in the store.  Most won’t and then forget.  With StreetCapture, all will now receive advertising targeting their mobile devices for the next 30 days!  This program makes PMP’s biggest advertising investment work better!
  3. HomeFencing.  Fence & frame the exact property lines (plat lines) of either the homes of previous customers or other people’s homes who have the same demographics, And then deliver advertising to the mobile devices of those highly qualified prospects 
  4. MailMatch.  Fence & frame the exact property lines of the addresses used for mail programs.  Deliver advertising to the mobile devices located within those homes creating message frequency and improving results of direct mail programs
  5. ResearchInfluence.  Capture consumers who go online to read about or search for home-furnishing related terms/phrases and deliver ads to their mobile devices for up to 30 days.   

Additional information about Tango’s Geo-fence program include:

  • Virtual Geo-fences built around competitor locations, or any defined geography.
  • The system captures device IDs that enter the Geo-fence zones
  • We deliver banner ads, as often as we want for up to 30 days, through apps and websites visited by that device, beginning immediately
  • Campaign reporting provided
  • Set up a “conversion zone” Geo-fence around the your store.  During those 30 days, we will know anytime a device received a geo-fence banner ad and then enters the conversion zone.  This connects online advertising to related in-store activity resulting from this advertising
  • All campaigns include detailed final performance reporting 

Those devices entering furniture retail store parking lots this weekend are the best target market – they represent actual furniture buyers out there shopping now. 

Email or call us to find out how.