Target your ads directly to shoppers who’ve been inside your competitors’ furniture stores.

Did you know…

Most furniture store Closing Ratios are 25-30%. That means 70-75% of shoppers who’ve entered your competitors’ store are still in the market to buy, and they’re looking right now. Let’s show them your ad.

Additional information about Tango’s Geo-fence program include:

  • Virtual Geo-fences built around competitor locations, or any defined geography.
  • The system captures device IDs that enter the Geo-fence zones
  • We deliver banner ads, as often as we want for up to 30 days, through apps and websites visited by that device, beginning immediately
  • Campaign reporting provided
  • Set up a “conversion zone” Geo-fence around the your store.  During those 30 days, we will know anytime a device received a geo-fence banner ad and then enters the conversion zone.  This connects online advertising to related in-store activity resulting from this advertising
  • All campaigns include detailed final performance reporting 

Those devices entering furniture retail store parking lots this weekend are the best target market – they represent actual furniture buyers out there shopping now. 

Email or call us to find out how.