Google can show your ads for search queries its algorithm deems are a “close variant” to your Keywords. Sometimes Google’s close variant matching is helpful. For example: someone who searches for a “firnature storw” is likely looking for a [furniture store]. And someone who searches for “where can I buy a mattress” is a valid match to your Keyword [mattress store near me].

But there’s an ever-increasing number of searches that are suspect, or blatantly irrelevant.

Consumer’s “close variant” search query Client’s Keyword
Store Furnitureis not the same asFurniture Store
chair massage near meis not the same asmassage chairs near me
Homeware storeis not the same ashome furnishings store
mattress outlet stores near meis not the same asmattress store near me
rentals near meis not the same asrental centers near me
Furniture website buildersis not the same asFurniture builders websites
stores that buy furniture near meis not the same asfurniture store near me
Black Friday ads 2020is not the same asBlack Friday furniture ads
furniture supply storeis not the same asfurniture shops
modern dishes setis not the same asmodern dining set

Above are just a few actual examples of the thousands we’ve found and prevented in client accounts.

With Cost-Per-Clicks rising as high as $30 for some searches, showing your ads for irrelevant queries can waste thousands of dollars per year.

If your Google Ads aren’t performing as well as they used to. If it seems like your budget is exhausted quickly. If you think you’re spending more than you should for Clicks. You might be right. You can limit which queries your ads show for by including Negative Keywords in your campaign. But it’s no longer good enough to have a small list of Negative Keywords like “used” and “consignment.”

Protect your ads from showing for irrelevant searches with Tango Multimedia managing your Google Ads campaign.  Benefit from Tango’s 16+ years of experience managing Google Ads campaigns for furniture and mattress stores. We’ve curated a list of thousands of Negative Keywords and Phrases that will prevent your ads from showing for obvious, and not so obvious, inappropriate search queries that are draining your budget.

Plus, continue to profit from the ongoing optimizations of the collective accounts we manage for furniture and mattress retailers across the country. What’s irrelevant for them, is most-often also irrelevant for you. This gives you a huge leg-up over competitors using in-house Google Ads managers, using local Google Ads agencies, or using agencies who are unfamiliar with the nomenclature of the furniture and mattress industry.

Google gets paid for a Click whether it’s relevant to your business or not. Is that who you want deciding if your Keywords are “close variants” to users’ queries?

The Google fox is guarding the henhouse.