Competitor Locations

Target customers who have recently  visited one of your competitors locations, they have already shown interest in a similar product and are likely in n early state in the purchasing cycle giving you the opportunity to switch their business away from your competitors.

Geofencing is one of the only forms of advertising that can deliver messaging immediately to those who are shopping for, and buying right now, your company’s products and services.


  • Target customers who have expressed interest in a similar product
  • Increase market share by attracting the competitions’ customers
  • Launch price matching or promotional offers
  • Disrupt your competitor’s efforts with compelling offers
  • Promote features or benefits that make your product superior

Custom Audiences

Target specific audiences that are within a specific Geo-Fenced location or have recently been in that location. Custom audiences give you the ability to only target customers that you know have been in a location that is relevant to your business or product for up to 30 days after they last visited.


  • Control who is in the audience you are advertising to by setting detailed Geo-Fence parameters
  • Select one or multiple locations to target based on proximity to your storefronts
  • Only target customers who have been to a relevant location such as shopping malls or specific neighborhoods

Customer Loyalty

Target customers who have previously been to your brick and mortar location with promotional and loyalty offers. Customers who have shown interest in your products by visiting nyour location are critical targets for your marketing efforts and future growth


  • Convert customers who have already visited your location
  • Stay top of mind with previous customers
  • Gain product loyalty with promotional offers
  • Promote seasonal items, sales or events
  • Bolster rewards programs

Event Targeting

Target customers who attended specified events with the most precise temporal geo-targeting solution available. Event Targeting is used to build an audience based on a Geo-Fence during a specified date and time window of an event and then advertise to those customers.


  • Self-Contained, Turn-key Event Targeting
  • Granularity down to the hour level
  • Audience building at precise locations with date and time parameters
  • Single or Multiple Locations Supported
  • Audiences are Portable and Reusable

Conversion Zones

Measure online to offline conversions with Tango Multimedia’s Geo-Fencing Technology.

Conversion Zones are the most powerful tool for tracking online to offline conversions in mobile advertising. By tracing a virtual Conversion Zone around a physical location, advertisers can measure the amount of physical traffic driven to the location that have previously been served their ad.

How Conversion Zones Work

A virtual geo-fence is traced around an area where the advertiser wants to target customers visiting another physical location (i.e a competitor’s store, a venue, or a specific part of town, etc.).

Next, a virtual Conversion Zone is traced around one or more of the advertiser’s locations.

When the customer enters the geo-fenced location, they will then be targeted with the advertiser’s ads on their mobile device.

When the customer enters the Conversion Zone with their mobile device and has previously been served the advertiser’s ad, the Conversion Zone recognizes the user and attributes their visit as an offline conversion for the geo-fencing campaign.

Conversion Zone Reporting

  • Impressions
  • Total Spend
  • Clicks
  • View Through Visits
  • Click Through Visits
  • Total Visit Rate (TVR)
  • Cost Per Visit
  • Daily Visits
  • Daily Total Conversion Zone
  • Visits
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