In general, our assumptions about furniture store owners’ advertising challenges include:

  1. Too many Choices.  Store owners do not know how to advertise today with the many choices.
  2. Old versus New.  Traditional media reaches lots of people.  Newer media is precise and personal. 
  3. Is Old Obsolete?   Should traditional advertising still be part of a current media program?
  4. Attribution. What works?   John Wanamaker’s statement from 1912, “I know 50% of my advertising doesn’t work, problem is I don’t know which 50%”.  The challenge of attribution remains today – maybe it has gotten even worse. Even attributing this quote to John Wanamaker may be incorrect since Lord Leverhulme from England has also been quoted as saying the same thing at the same time. Attributing the original quote about attribution is flawed. lol

So, How to Save and Grow Revenue Today?

Here are 5 low-cost solutions that will Grow Revenue Today.

  1. Start with what you got.  People visit your store’s website.  How many? What do they do on the website?  How can we increase the number of people walking into a store after visiting a website?  Address content, conversions, and invitations for people to visit the store for sure.  Tell your story to give them a reason to shop with you instead of your competitors. And make coming into your store easy – are your addresses and hours easy to find on your site? They must be.
  2. Make something more of those website visitors. Our Web ID+Retargeting Program discovers who they are, how to contact them, what they are interested in – even when they don’t fill out a form.  Quickly auto send an email related to their website-activity and then continue to generate top-of-mind awareness by delivering additional messages through postcards, online display, and video ads.  Website visitors represent one of the best audiences to target because they’re already familiar with you.
  3. Add an Interactive Digital Circular that shares featured products, broad price ranges, key service differentiators, offers, incentives, and urgency.  It’s too expensive to print and mail old-school circulars today. With a digital circular you can highly target who receives your message rather than spray-and-pray; and you can reach them for significantly less. Online shoppers want to know what a store offers and get an idea for pricing – prior to investing the time for an ins-store visit.  Make this an exciting, fun, and informative experience.  The interactivity generates engagement, leads to more in-store visitors, and captures analytics about consumer intent.
  4. Target in-store shoppers.  They are the greatest target audience in existence – shoppers interested in your store, your products, your services, and your prices. And they are already INSIDE YOUR STORE looking to buy.  Increase in-store excitement, education, awareness, offer incentives and reasons to buy now and buy more by adding Digital Video Signage and Overhead Curated and Licensed Music+Messaging.
  5. Your business is not any worse than any others you compete with in your market area.  All average 25% to 30% closing ratios.  That means there are 70% of all shoppers in the market right now still seeking to find the right business to buy from.  That business should be yours.  Leverage sophisticated Competitor Geofencing Programs to capture the mobile devices of those shopping in the market now and serve those devices compelling video and display ads inviting those known shoppers to your business.

These 5 low-cost marketing programs address key moments during a shopper’s journey, deliver content to the best target audiences, and result in helping advertising programs become more cost-effective while increasing a business’s revenue.

This list can go on and on as we address and take advantage of different stages in the customer purchasing journey – from building top-of-mind niche awareness in the minds of future consumers prior to the start of a purchase journey, to following up a purchase with systematic ongoing awareness and customer contact efforts, and many more moments in between. 

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