Google Ads PPC for Furniture Stores by Tango Multimedia

Nearly everyone shops for furniture online. However, most (83%) still buy furniture in brick and mortar stores.

When someone searches for a furniture store in your town, whose website do you want them to see, yours or your competition? With the help of Tango Multimedia, your website can be on the top of the first page of Google search results at the precise moment when your prospect is looking for a store to buy furniture. The key to better placement is to provide relevant content, then place that content in front of people who are likely to visit your store, all without wasting money on clicks that aren’t likely to convert to sales.

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Furniture Retail Experience
Alignment of Interests

Tango is the only Google Ads management company with the unique perspective of a furniture retailer

Google Ads addresses three key components that not all other advertising is able to effectively address: Reach, Relevance, and Return on Investment.

  • Google Ads reach only the geography and demographics that you want to target.
  • Ads are shown only to people who indicate interest in your business, your competitors’ stores, and the products or services you provide.
  • Campaigns can be set up to meet specific objectives and are measurable so you can monitor your return on investment. We can help set up your account correctly so you get better results and a positive return on your investment.

​Display and Banner Advertising

Display ads (aka banner ads) can help increase traffic to a website, generate sales, and increase brand awareness. These ads are typically featured on an interesting news or entertainment related website in order to generate maximum views or impressions. Display advertising attracts attention, can be targeted by demographics and interests, and can be monitored to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign. Is Display Advertising right for your store?  Maybe, maybe not. Contact us to learn more about effectively using banner ads to promote your business!

Online Pre-roll Video

One of the cheapest ways to attract the attention of only people who are interested. YouTube pre-roll campaigns can be an efficient addition to your online advertising strategy, getting you a space in the customer’s mind for mere pennies.

You don’t have video? Tango Multimedia can help. Tango creates content-rich custom videos or personalizes videos from your favorite manufacturer’s video library. View our portfolio.

How does Tango save clients thousands of dollars on their Google Ads advertising?

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