“Geofencing!”  This is a popular and powerful tactic within Tango Multimedia’s programmatic data driven solution.  This program is the most effective method to reach shoppers researching and deciding where to share as well as consumers in the market to purchase right now.

Tango Multimedia delivers the most advanced and precise data-driven programmatic advertising program that delivers measurable results and deep insights.

Advertising tactics include

TangoMM Data Driven Advertising Targeting Tactics

Programmatic Platform

Tango Multimedia’s Programmatic Marketing Platform, enables the efficient purchase of highly-targeted impressions on multiple real-time bidding (RTB) advertising exchanges. We use unstructured data to extract unlimited value from display and mobile advertising to

  • Create custom audiences with pinpoint accuracy
  • Optimize audiences in real-time for maximum campaign effectiveness
  • Expand audiences instantly with precision at scale
  • Understand audience behavior with elemental insights

Tango Multimedia enables marketers to target, optimize, and report on display campaigns at the individual data element level— just as local advertisers can with pay for performance search— increasing accuracy and eliminating waste.

A Programmatic Marketing Platform Like No Other

Tango Multimedia offers the only programmatic marketing solution purpose-built for unstructured data. Tango Multimedia’s proprietary unstructured data technologies include

Demand Side Platform (DSP)
Reach new levels of CPA, CTR, and CPC performance by leveraging element level optimization on your direct response and branding campaigns. Gain deeper audience insights into your prospects.

Data Management Platform (DMP)
Easily collect, integrate, and manage your 1st party and 3rd party data. Maximize the value of your data by keeping it unstructured instead of aggregating it in pre-packaged segments.

Supply Side Platform (SSP)
Maximize the value of your inventory by pairing it with unstructured, intent-based data and detailed contextual analysis. Maintain control across all your sales channels.

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