OTT is one of those solutions where online advertising meets traditional media and the two influence different approaches to OTT.

Tango’s use of OTT is 

  1. More effective than the strategy recommended by most traditional TV media companies
  2. Addresses fast-evolving contemporary media consumption habits 
  3. Offers lower Cost per Thousands of Impressions/Views

The typical “tactic mix” within our OTT strategy

  • 42% Connected TV advertising (CTV) – sometimes called “long form”
  • 58% Mobile+ Video Ads (a Tango term) – sometimes called “short form,” and everybody calls it something different

Both tactics are important, although Tango places more importance than most others on the Mobile+ Video Ads tactic.

A little more info…

Big Shift from Living Room TVs to Small Screens

A discussion on tactics opens a window into the monster shift underway in how adults consume media today. We are addressing this shift here at Tango.

In 2021 Nielsen Research showed time spent by adults using a mobile phone surpassed time spent watching a TV in living rooms – for the first time!

A big shift has been underway from big screens to small screens. This shift has hit overdrive in the last 3 years.

We all anecdotally know this. In fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google! That’s another big shift away from traditional TV viewing.

CTV “Long Form” versus Mobile+ Video Advertising “Short Form”

  • CTV helps extend traditional TV advertising reach similar to how advertising on two TV stations instead of one also extends reach.  It’s discussed using terms and concepts from TV advertising.
  • Mobile+ Video Ads is an OTT tactic that helps us reach those people who spend the bulk of their time using their mobile devices, and who spend little time watching a TV in their living room. Mobile video consumption has skyrocketed during the pandemic and continues to grow dramatically.

Tango OTT Tactics differ from Traditional Media Buyer OTT Tactics

  • We use OTT similarly to how online and digital marketers think.  We focus 100% on the refined targeted audience and we are able to define the audience as furniture shoppers based on online behaviors and interests. (Interests and Behaviors are key and game changing.)  We deliver video where and on what shoppers watch, and whenever they watch.  This includes video consumption everywhere.   
  • Traditional media buying strategies for OTT tend to lean more towards CTV, because they (traditional media companies) want ads to appear in “branded” episodic, movie or information programs, and they want consumers to not be able to skip ads.  More investment targets big-screen TV viewing. What Tango calls Mobile+ Video advertising is less used in the traditional approach.

Two different ways of thinking leading to different uses of tactics.

Let’s Dive Deeper

This is a fantastic topic for deep dive discussions/analysis of media consumption habits and the changing behaviors of today’s consumers.

We are available for a phone call and would love to dive into this deeply if you’re considering OTT and want to learn more. Hope this little bit of info helps provide some insight and shares the value of our contemporary approach to “Video Marketing.”