OTT-CTV Advertising

With Tango Multimedia’s advanced OTT/CTV offering, reach consumers streaming content on both the big screen in the living room and small screens with household-level precision, unmatched audience targeting, and advanced attribution for online or offline conversions.

Tango Multimedia’s OTT/CTV solution utilizes verified GPS data to serve ads to individual households based on first-party address lists, custom curated addressable audiences, or behavioral data. Then, track in-store visits and web-based conversions from targeted users. Increase your reach with access to the leading inventory sources, exchanges, devices, and programs.

Unmatched Audience Targeting

Target individual properties using GPS data to serve OTT/CTV ads with unmatched precision and scale. Upload an address list, and Tango Multimedia matches each address to a unique plat line validated by county tax records. The system then geo-fences the exact boundaries of the property.
Bring the precision of digital targeting to OTT/CTV devices with the ability to target users based on keywords, context, and other online behaviors. offers unparalleled granularity with keyword-level control and reporting for OTT/CTV advertising.
Curate a custom audience based on 500+ location and demographic factors for targeting at the household-level. Build an audience in real time with access to 126 million U.S. households. Include or exclude your chosen factors with full Boolean AND/OR logic.

Track Foot Traffic or Online Conversions

Attribute online and offline conversions to OTT/CTV campaigns. You can optimize to and report on either a browser-based conversion event or a physical store visit.
How does it work

Tango Multimedia’s cross-device graph associates all of a user’s devices with one address, thereby linking their smartphone, tablet, desktop, and OTT/CTV device. The system identifies web-connected devices within each property based on numerous data signals, including actual GPS coordinates from apps on the devices, IP addresses, and more. When a user is served an OTT/CTV ad, TangoMM then tracks conversions from any of the user’s devices.
Online conversions. Track online actions such as webpage visits, form-fills, purchases, and more from users who were served OTT/CTV ads. Optimize and report on Cost Per Action to drive performance and gauge ROI.
Offline conversions.  A conversion occurs when a user who has been served an OTT/CTV ad then visits the physical location of a Conversion Zone. Tango Multimedia’s Geo-Conversion Lift reporting tracks incremental lift to physical foot traffic from targeted locations.

Reporting includes Multi-Location Conversion Reporting, Device-Level Reporting, Zip+4-Level Reporting, Keyword-level Reporting, and 100+ Unique variables

Increase Reach Without Sacrificing Premium Inventory

More than 25 million U.S. households view advertising-supported streaming video on demand (Parks Associates). Reach them with access to the leading programmatic and direct inventory sources, featuring the most popular channels and shows on TV including live sports.

Access to the Leading marketplaces, including

Open X, Pubmatic, Rubicon, Google, AppNexus, Smaato, Index, SpotXchange, Sovrn, inMobi, Beachfront, AOL, Telaria, FreeWheel, Nexage, MoPub, PulsePoint, PilotX, Q1, Nexstar Digital, Verizon Media Video Exchange

Hundreds of evergreen private market-place deals with top Web, App and TV programmers including

Pluto, Newsy, Discovery, History, HGTV, TLC, A&E, Fox News, CBSi, Univision, Cheddar TV,  Buzzfeed, Popcornflix, USA Network, Fox News, CNN Go, Xumo, LifeTime, Travel Channel,  NBC Today, DailyMotion

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