The Tango Philosophy

A complete marketing strategy engages people during every phase of their Purchasing Journey

  • Consumers
  • Shoppers
  • Buyers
  • Customers

Tango Multimedia helps furniture stores Sell More

More than just a marketing firm, Tango takes a holistic, consultative approach to improve your in-store media, out-bound advertising and in-bound marketing. We understand - sales matter most!


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Tango Pricing

Just some of our popular services

Digital Signage

$ 149
  • Remote content management and scheduling
  • Fresh, new content monthly
  • Access to Tango's video library
  • Curated manufacturer content
  • Upload of current store videos
  • Transcode and encode video
  • Change content in days, not weeks
  • Technical support by phone
  • Device software updates
  • Dedicated media account manager
  • Risk-free - cancel anytime with 30 day's notice
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Music & Messaging

$ 99
  • 36 channels of major-label music
  • Four professionally-voiced commercials to match your store promotions each month
  • Includes one year of on-hold music and messaging FREE
  • Remote content management & scheduling
  • Change music genres throughout the day and exclude specific artists and songs, if desired
  • All music licenses and fees
  • Technical support by phone
  • Device software updates
  • Dedicated Audio Account Manager
  • Risk-free – cancel with 30 days’ notice
  • Four-store minimum to qualify for $99/month
  • Further discounts for multi-store agreements
  • $299/month for one store
  • One-time player purchase $399
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Video Tagging

$ 199
Per Video
  • Choose a video from the Tango Video Library
  • Featured themes include seasonal, promotional, incentive, educational, and manufacturer supplied
  • Graphic logo tag for web and social use
  • Store location information
  • Online video file
  • Voice-over change + $75
  • Upgrade to TV quality video with one TV station upload + $30
  • Change video content + $300 - Includes changes to images, product, pricing, discounts, manufacturer logos and supporting voice-over changes
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Team Tango

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Terry Fetterman
Joe Walter
Rebecca Dauber
Amy Francis
Gigi Cronin