Capture consumer attention, create engagement, and influence decisions with video. Whether on your website, your social media platforms, on digital signs inside your store, or on TV, your brand can benefit from professional video created by Tango.

Let us create a custom video for your store featuring whatever product you choose, or simply have us add your store logo and address to a manufacturer-supplied video – Tango makes it easy. Click the YouTube logo to see examples of our work.

Creating video is tricky.  It’s rather easy to create something that seems cool especially when using a catchy soundtrack with no voiceover.  But there is some science behind the madness of video creation – and this is something we have learned after creating thousands of videos over the past 25 years.

With YouTube pre-roll ads, for example, at least 30-second videos are best because you just don’t pay for the bulk of the video views since people skip prior to the video finishing.  And because viewers can skip after 5-seconds, that first 5-seconds is critical to get the message across.  The next 25 seconds should be crafted to expand on the initial 5-second core message.  This is actually good video scripting and crafting discipline no matter what use the video is intended for – websites, Facebook posts, TV, YouTube, OTT, digital signage…  Viewers in any of the related spaces will spend the minimal amount of time watching unless the video connects with their interests and needs… first 5 seconds.

Tango provides video production solutions, including a low cost social media solution, and of course we would love to help when and wherever possible.  Investing a modest budget in video production is worth it.  A poorly constructed video delivers wasted impressions. A great video adds a multiplier of value through every impression because it connects with the interests of the target audience.

This is really the same story for creative in general, but especially video because video has the power of sight, sound, motion, and emotion that when done well, communicates brand, creates awareness, and changes consumer behavior.

Video Marketing Program by Tango Multimedia

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