When it comes to Google Ads management for furniture retailers Tango Multimedia is the industry leader

The key differentiators at Tango are Cost, Focus, Alignment, and Transparency.

Working with Tango Media has increased our website traffic while spending less money than with our previous internet provider.  Plus the service and expertise is top notch! Amy Berkowitz, Partner, Berk’s Furniture & Mattress


Tango charges a low, flat fee for management of all your Google Ads campaigns: Search, Display, Re-targeting, and YouTube pre-roll. There’s no additional fee for each added service. This allows us to recommend only the services which will be effective for driving customers into your store at the lowest cost possible. Plus, we never charge a commission on your click budget.


Tango’s Google Ads accounts are overseen by a former furniture retailer with 20 years of advertising and merchandising experience. This gives us an appreciation of the distinction between “clicks for the sake of getting clicks” and “clicks for the sake of getting a sale.” It’s easy to get a ton of clicks for things that don’t lead to much cash going into the till: “lamp shades,” “bed frames,” even “carrot peelers.” But those clicks aren’t worth wasting your budget.  We want you to judge us by your income statement, not simply the number of clicks you get.


Because we don’t charge a commission, we have zero incentive to increase your budget beyond the absolute minimum it takes to maximize your focused traffic. We’re rewarded for a job well done by your loyalty and referrals.


You know exactly what you’re paying all the time – the charges on your credit card are direct from Google – our fee is billed separately. We can even show you your exact account using a screen-share, so you know just what’s happening, where the clicks originate, what terms are working (which can help you with merchandising too), and how your money is being spent.

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NO CONTRACT: We don’t ask for a long-term contract because we believe in what we do. We’ll only ask that you try us for two months, if you’re not thrilled, fire us and we’ll just be industry buddies.