Do you handle Google Ads in-house?

  • Can the time spent managing your Google Ads be more profitable if spent doing something else?
  • Does the person managing your Google Ads have time to stay current on each Google algorithm change as they occur?
  • Do you get the benefit of combining best practices, Keyword selection, Negative Keyword selection, and testing strategies, from similar retailers across the country?
  • Are you confident that all the hidden settings within Google Ads are properly configured and you’re not wasting money?
  • Are you achieving double the industry average KPIs like Click Through Rate?

Do you already have a service managing Google Ads?

  • Is that service staffed by people with retail backgrounds that understand the nuances of the retail industry and business ownership in addition to Google Ads, or is it staffed by people who have simply taken an online course in Google Ads campaign setup?
  • Does that service charge a commission on your Clicks, incentivizing them to get you to spend more?
  • Do they offer account reviews via screen-sharing so you can actually see how your campaign is set-up and how your money is being spent?
  • Are you receiving Monthly, Weekly, and/or Daily reports of campaign performance?
  • Do they respond to most requests to make campaign changes within hours – even on evenings and weekends?
  • Are they a certified Google Partner?
  • Have you gotten a second opinion on how your account is being managed?

Joe and the team at Tango are the best! Not only have they helped our Google AdWords become much more effective and helped drive more traffic to our stores, they work hard to help our ad spend go as far as it can. We used another company for years and it wasn’t until we switched to Tango that I realized how much of our money the previous company wasted

Marc Young, Blackberry Creek Mattress

From the video creation and graphic design, to the online and social advertising strategies, they are top shelf in all aspects. You are not a number at Tango. They are the best of the best and we are so impressed with all of them.

Phil Good, Goods Furniture

How does Tango save clients thousands of dollars on their Google Ads advertising?

Tango Media provided the transparency we were looking for in an advertising partnership. Some companies provide smoke & mirrors, with Tango, we know the exact dollar figure going to each campaign.

David Berggren, Furniture Connection

I couldn’t be more happy with the results Tango is getting Gardner’s. Ben McClure, Gardner’s Mattress & More

How is Tango’s Google Ads Management Different?


Tango charges a low, flat fee for management of your Google Ads campaigns: Search, Display, Re-targeting, and YouTube pre-roll. This allows us to recommend only the services which will be effective for driving customers into your store at the lowest cost possible. Plus, we never charge a commission on your click budget.


Tango’s Google Ads accounts are overseen by a former furniture retailer with 20 years of advertising and merchandising experience. This gives us an appreciation of the distinction between “clicks for the sake of getting clicks” and “clicks for the sake of getting a sale.”


Because we don’t charge a commission, we have zero incentive to increase your budget beyond the absolute minimum it takes to maximize your ROI. We’re rewarded for a job well done by your loyalty and referrals.


You know exactly what you’re paying all the time – the charges on your credit card are direct from Google – our fee is billed separately. We hold strategy sessions with you in your exact account using screen-share, so you see exactly what searches generate Clicks (which can help you with merchandising too), and how your money is invested.

Working with Tango Media has increased our website traffic while spending less money than with our previous internet provider.  Plus the service and expertise is top notch! Amy Berkowitz Berk’s Furniture & Mattress

Tango’s Google Ads Tactics

Tango utilizes advanced tactics to both build and improve effective online advertising and marketing strategies.

  • Campaign Emphasis – Branding is necessary, but Sales matter most. Tango takes an objective, holistic approach to online advertising and marketing, evaluating your website, merchandise, competition, pricing, and more to provide actionable feedback that lifts sales
  • Human Analysis – Adjustments by people with real furniture retail and marketing backgrounds, plus algorithms
  • Location Targeting – Deliver messaging to shoppers within a “geography of least resistance” who are most-likely to buy
  • Capturing Market Share – AI analysis uncovers competitive opportunities to exploit, and weaknesses to resolve
  • Ad Creation – Crafted to entice clicks and store visits. Perpetual A/B testing continually improves performance
  • Keywords/Key Phrases – Expert keyword selection, and exclusion, minimizes waste and drives compelling ROI
  • Audience Cultivation – Targeting the right people at the right time with the right message
  • ReMarketing – Ongoing outreach to previous website visitors with differentiated messaging that highlights competitive advantages and encourages return website traffic and store visits
  • Ad Extensions – Customized links to drive traffic directly to high-converting website pages, encourage calls/texts directly from the search results page, provide directions to the store, and highlight store value propositions
  • Continuous Improvement – Seize opportunities for increased engagement by comparing key performance indicators with campaign metrics to make contemplative adjustments
  • Reporting – Monthly reporting of campaign results accompanied by client strategy sessions and review

Google Ads Q & A

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