The internet turns Shoppers into Buyers and advertising plans bring Buyers into stores. But, what’s the plan once they arrive? Increase business with In-store Communication Technologies! Incorporate Tango’s integrated suite of in-store communication technologies to help your sales team convert more Shoppers into Buyers, increase average sales, create better in-store customer experience. The in-store customer experience plan is as valuable as an advertising plan. Develop an in-store plan with Tango incorporating remote managed and hosted audio, visual and interactive technologies. Create a better shopping experience. Improve over-all store performance. Deepen a Buyer’s interaction and interest. Educate both Buyers and sales staff. Add excitement throughout the store with site, sound, motion and emotion. Tango in-store communication solutions integrate outside advertising with the inside of the store experience at the point-of-buying.

Take control of the in-store shopping experience, improve the customer experience and the positive results will include increased in-store conversions and larger sales.

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