Geofencing uses geolocation data to serve online ads to shoppers who’ve visited locations you choose, like your competitors’ stores.

Draw dynamic digital fences around physical locations and collect devices that enter them.

Target these devices for up to 30 days with display or video ads.

Measure an ROI by drawing a conversion fence around your business and track devices that come in after receiving ads.

How can geofencing help furniture retailers?

Target consumers actively shopping

Geofence competitor stores and collect the mobile devices of their customers. On average, up to 70% of these customers will leave the store without making a purchase. Target their devices for 30 days with display or video ads.

How can you use geofencing?

Furniture stores.  Geofence competitor stores in order to advertise to those shopping right now.  As many as 70% of those shopping will leave those stores frustrated and geofencing will deliver enticing ads to bring those shoppers to you!
Manufacturers.  Launch national advertising campaigns, cost-effectively focused within a 20-mile radius around key retailers. Target known shoppers now in the market to drive activity to the retailers’ websites and into their stores.
Vendors.  Deliver engaging messages to mobile devices to attendees of Market or other furniture shows and events.

Advertising to Reach 2022’s Furniture Shoppers in a Fractured Media Market

Terry Fetterman, Owner of Tango Multimedia