Tango Multimedia Geofencing

What is geofencing?

Geofencing is one tactic of many within Tango Multimedia’s Programmatic Advertising Solution.  These tactics leverage detailed data and AI-driven optimization to reach consumers who are researching where to shop, researching what to buy and who are actually shopping right now!  Click Here To Learn More!

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How can you use geofencing?

Furniture stores.  Geofence competitor stores in order to advertise to those shopping right now.  70% of those shopping will leave those stores frustrated and geofencing will deliver enticing adds to bring those shoppers to you!
Manufacturers.  Launch national advertising campaigns, cost-effectively focused within 20-mile radii around key retailers. Target known-shoppers now in the market to drive activity to the retailers’ websites and into their stores.
Vendors.  Deliver engaging messages to mobile devices to attendees of The Furniture Market or other furniture shows and events.

Take advantage of our extensive programmatic geofencing advertising solutions.
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